Julio Iglesias: A romantic for three generations April 23, 2012

Julio Iglesias: Un romantic pentru trei generații 23 aprilie 2012
iulie 21, 2016
Julio Iglesias: un romántico de tres generaciones 23 de Abril de 2012
iulie 21, 2016
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Julio Iglesias: A romantic for three generations

April 23, 2012
Julio Iglesias performs in Arena Maipú (Mendoza), Argentina. Charming his fans once again.

Very exited to be on stage, he chatted with the fans, told stories, and reflected on life. He got everyone up clapping and singing. Yes, he moves around a bit slower, but he exudes passion and love for what he does.


Two huge screens on the sides of the stage, an LED backdrop and a band of musicians made up of percussion, drums, keyboards and guitars, as well as 3 backup singers and 2 tango dancers, bringing life to the show. They come from the U.S., Cuba, Spain, Venezuela, Bulgaria and Argentina.


The audience went wild when they saw Julio Iglesias come on stage. As he was greeting everyone, a voice in the crowd (who continued throughout the concert) suddenly shouted „Julio! I love you!”, to which Iglesias replied, „And I do too, darling!”. At 68, for many people the magnetism of the soloist has remained intact.

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After that and for more than an hour and a half, the bond that was forged at the Stadium Arena Maipú between Julio Iglesias and the audience was permanent. He began saying „It’s been so many years Mendoza, the last time we parted I was 34, and how nice I used to sing 20 years ago”. He recalled his first time in Argentina and said that since the very first day he’d landed he’s been in love with the people, a fact that led him from North to South and from East to West. Giving concerts around the entire world, the Spaniard performed versions of his songs in Spanish, English, French and Italian.


His first song was „Quijote”, followed by an updated version of „Natalie”. Among the standing ovation, the intimate moment that started was later raised in tone when he sang „La gota fría”. Three shapely backup singers (dressed in tight black clothing), came on stage and to the rhythm of the folk song rallied the audience to sway along to their sensual moves. Julio watched, crossed himself behind one the girls, and gazed admiringly at her legs.

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Tango, wine, the Mendozan countryside and the mountains were some of the topics Iglesias refered to. When he sang „A media luz”, an Argentinian Tango couple danced along: Hernán and Soledad, who for 2 years have been accompanying Iglesias in his shows around the world. „I love wine, but I’m drinking water now so I can fill up with wine after the show”, confirmed the singer, „and just like when you mix up together cabernet, malbec and merlot wines together and an exceptional brew comes out, those mendozans I love form the 90’s, my father and mother were mixed up together and I am their wine, do you all know what it’s like to drink a 68 year old wine?” he joked.


In honor of his father, whom he remembered and praised, he sang a song he composed for him called „Un canto a Galicia”. There he chaned the orginal lyrics of the song which said „tenho morrinha, tenho saudade, porque estoy lejos de mis hogares”. The singer has made it known at every opportunity he’s had, how important his family is today and his desire to have them close by.

Iglesias mentioned he ongoing conflict between Spain and Argentina, and said that „love stories last years and are beyond politics and circumstances. My story with you, which has been passed down by grandparents, children and grandchildren, will never end, will stay true for eternity. That’s why I’m singing for the Argentine people”, to which the audience burst into applause.
Unscripted and to the surprise of his musicians, he sang a classical Chilean song a cappella, „Cuyana”, appealing to the help of the Mendozans, „When I go to Chile I’ll go, crossing the mountains….” which left the spectators in absolute silence for some moments, but who were delighted to merely hear the singer’s voice.

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„Time flies in my life. We singers keep on going for you. When we are in pain, you take away the pain; when you applaud us you make us young „. And so it was: Julio the eternal, Julio Iglesias with his dedication, turned back time, let us dream and made it clear in Mendoza, that he is a brilliant and romantic survivor, the undisputed nexus of three generations.