JULIO IGLESIAS SEDUCES in Barcelona June 27, 2013

Julio Iglesias still has star power March 23, 2013
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Julio Iglesias, in solidarity with children from the Teleton Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Mex September 11, 2013
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Winners of the raffle for tickets for the concert in Taipei
April 26, 2013

The winners of the raffle on April 26th, for 2 tickets/winner for Julio Iglesias’ concert in Taipei, on April 30th, are:

– Henry Heng
– Jordy Chen


June 27, 2013

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By: Ignacio Orovio, La Vanguardia
Julio once again conquered the people of Barcelona, with an unforgettable performance in the romantic setting of the gardens of the Royal Palace of Pedralbes, on the 26th of June.

In front of spectators who greeted the singer with great affection and enthusiasm, and who for a month has sold out the venues, Julio showed off his style and wide repertoire with songs in Spanish, Italian, English and French, which seduced the crowd from the first moment.

The co-star of the night was Rafa Nadal, who came to the concert, and between the standing ovations Julio sent him his regards and deepest admiration.
„This speech is about profound love of people being together; nobody does anything if not together”, said the singer during the performance, and then exitedly thanked everyone for all the love received.

Marbella surrendered to Julio Iglesias again, at the Starlite Festival

August 7, 2013

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By: Borja Fadón de la Pedraja, elsemanaldigital.com
Julio Iglesias performed at the Marbella Starlite Festival on August 3rd, showing himself to be close and connected with three generations of fans who have been following the most international Spanish singer for more than four decades. When he dedicated „Un canto a Galicia” to the victims of the train crash in Santiago, where his father is from, the stage fell silent.

The night was full of highlights, with Julio chatting face to face with people while expressing the thrill of singing in his native land and near where he slept that night, supported by his family and the audience which is what satisfies him the most. „La Carretera”, „Hey!”, „De niña a mujer”, „Me va, me va”, „La vida sigue igual” and „A mi manera” were the songs that got the temperature boiling, and being draped in the Spanish flag at the end brought the emotional night to a climax.

Julio Iglesias melted Caesarea with his hits

August 11, 2013
Julio arrived to Israel with a great orchestra and especially with lots of love. On Saturday, the artist melted the Caesarea Amphitheatre with his hits, in front of an Israeli audience who made him feel great, in spite of the high temperature in Caesarea.

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He knows so well how to charm his fans and how to radiate emotion.

Iglesias and Alexander Kogan’s duet, when they performed „To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before”, was excellent.

“It was a wonderful, emotional show – he sings from his heart”, one of the attendees from the audience said. Another woman who enjoyed the concert mentioned: “It was so touching to see Iglesias in such a good shape.”

Not even the oppressive heat could dissuade the thousands of people who came yesterday to the Caesarea Amphitheatre; they sang with Julio almost until midnight.

Not a bad seat in the citadel at Julio Iglesias’ first class concert in Amman

August 26, 2013

Julio Iglesias’ live performance Thursday at the Amman Citadel confirmed one more time the enduring appeal of Latin romantic tunes; even more so when delivered by a great, charming voice such as his.

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The celebrated Spanish crooner had no trouble getting to the hearts of an audience estimated at more than 3,500 — a rather exceptional number at the Citadel.

All elements came nicely together to create a wonderful, most entertaining atmosphere and a delightful evening.

The highly professional accompanying musicians, the three backing vocal singers/dancers, the smart choice of songs and the quality of the sound, all blended naturally with the unique, distinguished voice of the great Iglesias to mesmerise the audience.

Few artists are as effective as Iglesias at singing romantic songs. Suffice it to see the reaction of the female part of the audience; clearly the majority that night.

Singing mainly in Spanish — understandably the language that suits him best — but also very well in English and by moments in French or Italian, Iglesias sailed with ease and genuine grace from “Amor” to “A media luz”. “Nathalie” was interpreted with the superb melody of the Russian folk song, “Dark eyes”.

On the French side, Iglesias did three covers of well-known songs: “Ne me quitte pas” (Jacques Brel), “J’aioublié de vivre” (Johnny Hallyday) and “Mamy blue” (Nicoletta). Other covers like “Caruso” (in Italian), “Always on my mind”, “My way”, “Crazy”, “Careless whispers”, “Falling in love with you” and “Fragile” came nicely to complement Iglesias’ usual Latin repertoire.

Tango music was particularly well represented with “La cumparsita” and “A media Luz”, not only with the crooner’s fine singing, but also with first-class tango dancing by an elegant couple.

Iglesias managed to win the audience’s participation on many an occasion and must have been happy to see how many knew the lyrics of his songs.

He delighted with his voice, his talent and with his stage presence. All the familiar traits were there, including the way Iglesias tends to close his eyes almost all the time when singing, as if in deep introspection.

Prior to the concert, Iglesias said he was looking forward to performing “at one of Jordan’s most prestigious archaeological sites, the Amman Citadel”.

„And I can’t wait to meet the Jordanian audience. See you, my friends, on August 22,” a statement from the organisers quoted him as saying.

With over 300 million album copies sold worldwide, Iglesias is ranked as one of the top-five best-selling artists of all time. Over the course of 45 years in the music business, he received hundreds of globally-acclaimed awards and accolades, and performed in front of more than 60 million fans at 5,000 concerts in 600 cities across the world, according to the statement.

The entire event was first-class, enhanced by the clear, beautiful summer sky over Amman. It came within the scope of the Amman Citadel Festival, organised by Friends of Jordan Festivals.