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ianuarie 27, 2019
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May 10, 2016
Among the personalities that have been awarded by the Asia Pacific Foundation, we can fin names such as NELSON MANDELA, HILLARY CLINTON, STEVE JOBS, MARK ZUCKERBERG, TIGER WOODS, HARRISON FORD, MICHAEL SHUMACHER or MUHAMMAD ALI „Classius Clay” and some NOBEL LAUREATES.
The Asia Pacific Brands Foundation is pleased to announce that Julio Iglesias has been awarded The BrandLaureate Legendary Award in recognition of his achievements as the legendary music icon whose name is renowned as a remarkable force to be reckoned with in the fields of music and entertainment, with a success story that is indeed ready to inspire.
Truly, as a Grammy Award-winning Spanish singer and songwriter who has sold in almost 5 decade career over 300 million records worldwide, in 14 languages and released more than 80 albums, and more than 2,600 gold and platinum records certified, Julio Iglesias is one who requires no introduction in the global domain; with a staggering reputation which is attested by years of hard work – including being the first & most popular international artist of all time in China.  He is one of the Top Ten selling artists in music.  He is Doctorate
„Honoris causa” by University of music of Berklee and recognized as „the most influential artist in latin music ever” as well as being awarded twice with Guinness world of records: Artist that sang in more languages ( awarded in 1983 Paris – France) and Best selling latin artist in history ( awarded march 2013, Beijing – China). He has been awarded Twice with the „Legion d´honeur / Legion of honor”, highest civil award in France, given by François
Mitterrand in the 80s and Nicolas Sarkozy 20 years later. He was the first latin artist to have a star in the Hollywood walk of fame.
As a singer and performer, he brought music to the frontiers of excellence. After all, he is best known as the unstoppable one who always sets world records. In 1970, he beat records in Spain, where he gave 41 concerts in 41 cities, in only 30 days. In 1982, he broke a record in Japan, where he sold 1,200,000 copies of his album „De niña a mujer”, in only six months. In 1983 he entered the Guinness book of World Records, for having sold the most records in the most languages in history. In 2010 he made history when he became the Latin artist who has sold over 300 million records and in 2013 he received the Guinness World Records for the Best-selling Male Latin Artist.
 Iglesias was presented with a glass-framed certificate and a 24k gold pleated trophy. Indeed refined, strong and prestigious, the trophy is artfully designed to exude the look of greatness and reflecting the poise of achievement. Iglesias’s historical mark has truly been entrenched upon the world in an exceptionally real and prevailing way – and he is undeniably a TRUE Brand Laureate!
About The BrandLaureate
The Asia Pacific Brands Foundation, established in 2005, is the world’s premier branding foundation. As a trendsetter in branding with a difference, the Foundation’s main objectives include promotion of brands, improving branding practices and inculcating good brand culture in business.  The BrandLaureate, a sobriquet for brand excellence, was set up to meet said objectives of the APBF – enabling the Foundation to carry forth its goals effectively.
While brands are often represented by organizations, products and services, they also encompass individuals who embody outstanding personalities in their own right. The APBF honors and recognizes outstanding individuals who have set the benchmark of excellence in their respective industries – remarkable archetypes that have contributed significantly to the world and society at large through their fields.
Some noteworthy award recipients of the APBF include the late Former President Nelson Mandela, Hillary Clinton, the late Steve Jobs, Professor Robert Fry Engle (Nobel Laureate for Economics), Professor Ferid Murad (Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine) & Mark Zuckerberg  (Facebook founder); leadership gurus – Tony Buzan & John Maxwell; sports personalities – José Mourinho, Muhammad Ali, Wladimir Klitschko (IBF, WBO & WBA), Michael Schumacher, Charlie George & Tiger Woods; entertainers – Sir Cliff Richard, Taylor Swift,  as well a host of other illustrious names, including Sir Christopher Lee, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Peter Jackson and select organizations, including FIFA.