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Interview with Julio Iglesias (09/07/2014) July 9, 2014 |
Interview by Andrei Partos Translation: Iulia Radu
Interview Wednesday (9 July 2014)
It was a bumpy. We set out to do the interview in the radio booth but technical problems forced us to move quickly. Like any self-respecting artist
Julio Iglesias was extremely punctual and called at 24:30 Andrew’s mobile phone Part understood the situation and accepted ‘t called back in 10 minutes.
The two sides already knew because he took Andrei interview in 2012.
Despite this minor delays, the dialogue was done quickly.
It is a pleasure to listen Julio Iglesias stories and Andrei parties.
Both are passionate about sports, so they talked about football, swimming and about, but also about Gossip sites and music
. Below is the translation of the interview.
Julio Iglesias: Andrei !!
Andrei Partos: Yes. Hello!
Julio Iglesias: How are you Andrew?
Andrei sides are very sad ….
Julio Iglesias: Why? Because he lost Brazilian team!
Andrei Partos: Yes. I want to know your opinion about what happened yesterday.
Julio Iglesias: You know I have many Brazilian fans …
Andrei Partos: I know yes I know that !!
Julio Iglesias: It was unusual for me. They lost control after Muller gave .A first goal was scored in the stupidest way received. The corner kick goal you usually head you expect from such a goal. But Muller gave naked foot box that was free … so they took a great stupid!
Andrei Partos: But it was actually the keeper’s mistake?
Julio Iglesias: No, it was not a mistake by the keeper. For that shot much of which came not from the little one. In fact, the issue was that Tiago has not played and he is a really important player. Tiago’s absence mattered more than that Neymar was not on the field. Tiago is one of the best defenders in the world, maybe even the best. Andrei Partos: So you’re sad for your friends Brazilians …
Julio Iglesias: Yes because I became a Brazilian by adoption after I had great success there
Andrei Partos: Yes I know. You have many awards in Brazil, have sold millions of records in this country
Julio Iglesias: The truth is that the Brazilian people are very fond of. And I’m very sad because the country is going through a period and people expect much from football, dream more, dance, laugh a lot, but look now went through a very sad day
But perhaps it will be a good lesson and the country will grow economically and politically
Andrei Partos: It is true. And can they change the football coach … (Laughs)
Julio Iglesias: (Laughs) Yeah, that!
Andrei Partos: Is it true that you have three wine cellars in Miami, Spain and the Dominican Republic?
Julio Iglesias: Yes so that an alcoholic is .Ştii. (Laugh)
Andrei Partos: Do not think so. (Laugh)
Julio Iglesias: No, I’m not. But I like wine. It is a good friend I refer in particular to the wines older than 20, 30, 40 years. The latest are also good friends but had too much sugar, so they prefer the old and very old
Andrei Partos: Have a wine collection, is not it?
Julio Iglesias: Yes I started buying come in 35- 40 years ago, at the time they were cheaper. Costa 30 dollars a bottle. Today and even a bottle costs over $ 1,000
Julio Iglesias. (Laughs) Yeah, that!
Andrei Partos: Is it true you three wineries in Miami Spain and the Dominican Republic? . Julio Iglesias: Yes it is if you like wine and if you’ll be with me one day you’ll be surprised how good old glass of wine. Unfortunately not buy so much wine now, so I do odinioă
Andrei Partos :: But drink a glass of wine a day?
Julio Iglesias: No. I drink half a bottle each day. But a bottle of the great, but half of one small
Andrei Partos: Is it true you’ve heard of wine Lafite 1961 Baroness Philippine de Rothschild from?
Julio Iglesias: Yes ,, is a true story. Then I learned about wine by then I knew nothing. I was her guest (no Philippine de Rothschild -Baroana is a fan of Julio) and then drank that wine. I was with Polanski who was crazy about wines I remember that I said that Baroness is a very good wine and she thought I was an expert, which was not true. But I really liked that glass of wine.
Andrei parts: And you thought it better and have it e il …
Julio Iglesias: Yes, I really enjoyed that glass of wine and then I bought a good bottle of wine at a very good price
Iglesias: „Spain was a tired football team at the World Championship”
Andrei Partos :: I’ll go back to football because I want to ask you about developments in Spain at the World Championship …
Julio Iglesias: You know, the national championship in Spain ended with 15 -20 days before the start of the World Cup. Spanish league standings situation was very confusing to the last stage. Real Madrid won the championship …
Andrei Partos: Your soul is a champion?
Julio Iglesias: Yeah … so that Spain was tired the whole team … When they lose as they did, and the first goal after 43 minutes when Silva was in front of the keeper and decided to do something magic and did not come out and then Spain’s first goal … Their morale has been affected.
It happens. Although normally such situations you should ambition and become champion.
Andrei parties: Yes, it is. Speaking of sports, I know you swim a lot.
Julio Iglesias: I swim naked (laughs)
Andrei parts: Stripped of course! (Laughs) But whenever you go to the pool in a week?
Julio Iglesias: Yes, swimming every day.
Andrei parts: It’s great. It is a good therapy for the mind and body?
Julio Iglesias: It is the most boring and what better therapy for the mind. Along with Jose Enrique Julio in Hawaii
Andrei Partos: The bored (laughs). Good to know. How do you relate to your relationship with your children? Someone you’re the biggest Casanova …
Julio Iglesias: Nooo, it was 75 years ago. (Laugh)
Andrei parts: From (laughs)) But the British press wrote that Enrique hide their girlfriends you … Julio Iglesias: (Laughs)) must not believe all the crap that I write in newspapers.
Andrei parts: So it is not? Anna Kournikova because it is a nice girl … Julio Iglesias: Anna da is a nice girl, truth, but it’s not true what the newspapers. Look for these stupid stories. There are some intelligent.
Andrei parts: So now we know that this is a stupid story
Julio Iglesias: Absolutely stupid
Julio Iglesias: „Eurovision is a contest for some kid”
Andrei Partos: Is it true that you told him not to Engelbert Humperdinck to go to Eurovision?
Julio Iglesias: No, not true. I can not get into the artistic career of a great artist like Engelbert, but did not think it was a mişcarebună. Engelbert is a Super Artist with or without Eurovision. But I think this is for young people. It is for youngsters aged between 20 and 30 years because they have the chance to live a magical moment, but not for artists like Engelbert.
Andrei parts: I agree with you, you’re absolutely right. It is true that prefer to sing on stage instead entered the studio to record new songs?
Julio Iglesias: No … I must tell you what I do right now. In fact, there are now just at my home studio. (a record that gives way to hear music)) I’m working right now!
Andrei parts: I’ve heard this song somewhere … (laughs)
Julio Iglesias: Yes yes … … e of China (Laughs)
Andrei parts: Is there with you and singer Santana?
Julio Iglesias: No, it is not Santana, My’m just musicians who sing very well. Andrei parts: But prepare new material?
Julio Iglesias: Yes it is, will hit the market in November.
Andrei parts: n is wonderful news. Come back in Romania, I think you like it here because two years ago you enjoyed great success here in Romania
Julio Iglesias: You know I love Andrei Romania dinaintesă you were born …
Andrei parties. : I do not believe …
Julio Iglesias: In what year were you born?
Andrei parties: In 1949
Julio Iglesias: Well, the first time I sang in Romania was in 1969.
Andrei parts: I know I saw the concert.
Julio Iglesias: You saw in concert? You saw that little artist, skinny that was brought by Valeriu Lazarov?
Andrei parts: Yeah I saw on that little stage artist Golden Stag Festival in Brasov. Julio Iglesias: Exactly.
Andrei parts: I was born in Brasov.
Julio Iglesias: Aha, so there you were born. I remember when I was there, it was very cold and the snow was and I loved it.
Andrei parts: I can not believe that you liked the snow!
Julio Iglesias: No ,, I liked this experience was my first participation in a
Festival abroad outside Spain
Andrei parts: I understand. But now you tell me a big important tournament everyone passing through. It is difficult for you to travel so much?
Julio Iglesias: Well, it is not easy. I find it really hard when I do not play for me singing is an experience that goes beyond time.
Julio Iglesias: „An artist becomes higher with maturation”
Andrei parts: But you once said that you were not a good singer … Why did you say that?
Julio Iglesias: Because it’s true. No painter Picasso was not a good 20 years.
An artist becomes big with his maturity, after accumulating experiences and learn more. I learned a lot I continuously improved.
Andrei Partos: Yes, yes it is, you have now reached artistic maturity …
Julio Iglesias: Yes yes I can say now that can address today very different styles of music (you can hear noises in the phone) …
Andrei Partos: Have some technical problems … I want to ask if the program will be different from that for 2 years
Julio Iglesias: Of course it will be different. I have two more years in age and I come naked on stage (laughs)
Andrei parts: The ladies are eager to see you (laughs)
Julio Iglesias: Well, well … you know … An artist is not only an artist repertoire, it means 100% true feelings. You go to the people and give them emotions they feel that you return them. I do not want to make a comparison, but you could not tell Sinatra sing in a concert of his music: Gotcha, when someone loves you because the audience expects to hear this piece in concert. It is true that’ll change some pieces, but will remain always the ones you expect the public in Romania. Andrei Partos: Last time I asked why not put the song „Quiero” a disc and you promised that you will
. Julio Iglesias: I’ll keep this promise for next week. It’s good? (Laughs) Andrei parts: It’s good (laughs)
Julio Iglesias: Andrew are wonderful. I like that I understand very well.
Andrei parts: Hope to see you on July 22 in Bucharest.
Julio Iglesias: I hope so! I’ll tell my assistant, Gabriela, to speak with you and I will be very glad to meet you’s good friend?
Andrei parts: Backstage is very good.
Julio Iglesias: So, I’ll search for the name Andrei hand … You’re originally from Greek or not?
Andrei Partos: Not Ungur
Julio Iglesias: We keep in touch through so my assistant and we’ll see you backstage.
Andrei parts: Thank you very much and look forward to see you.
Julio Iglesias: Thank you and I and big kisses to you, Andrew!
Andrei Partos: Thank you and I once again Julio Iglesias!
Julio Iglesias: Goodbye!
Interview by Andrei Partos Translation: Iulia Radu

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