The Spanish province Malaga is „adopting” Julio Iglesias June 3, 2009

Provincia spaniolă Malaga este mândră să „adopte ca fiu de onoare al său pe „Julio Iglesias 03.06.2009
aprilie 2, 2016
Málaga “adopta” a Julio Iglesias 3 de Junio de 2009
aprilie 2, 2016
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The Spanish province Malaga is „adopting” Julio Iglesias     June 3, 2009

By: Reuters, El País


The full session of the Council of Malaga has just unanimously approved the naming of Julio Iglesias Adopted Son of the Province, because of his connections with the province, since the municipalities of Ojen and Marbella have been his places of residence in Spain for years.

The singer considers this title „as one of the greatest honors” that he has received in his life, that fills him with „an unimaginable happiness.” „They have just given me a piece of news that makes you think what you are doing is worthwhile,” declared the singer, concluding „I am happy, I say this clearly: thank you, Malaga!”.