Julio Iglesias captivates Londoners May 15, 2014

Julio Iglesias once again won the heart of Panama with his unforgettable hits February 7, 2014
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PANAMA recibe a Julio Iglesias con ovaciones 6 de Febrero de 2014
iulie 27, 2016
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Julio Iglesias captivates Londoners

May 15, 2014

By: Luis Domínguez, Diario AM
Showing musical versatility on stage and his hallmark romanticism, the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias delighted more that five thousand fans who came to watch him perform this evening in the Royal Albert Hall in London.

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Accompanied on stage by six musicians and three backing singers, the singer opened with „Amor, Amor, Amor” and „La Gota Fría”, having acknowledged his warm reception before a very enthusiastic audience.

„Good evening, my people of London, thank you for so many years of devotion and love”, the performer said, before continuing with „Échame a Mí la Culpa” and „Me Olvidé de Vivir”, which received the loudest ovation of the night.

A faint white light illuminated the stage on which the Spanish singer showed off his musical diversity.

He continued with two songs from his acclaimed album Tango, before performing a classic of French music, „Mammy Blue”. Subsequently, he paid tribute to Italian music with „Caruso”, finishing off the set with some Cuban music, for which he professed a deep love.

The performer of „La Carretera” continued with a little bit of romanticism accompanied by faint lighting effects, offering classic jazz and pop songs, such as „Careless Whisper”, „Crazy” and „Drive”.

The compliments from the audience continued throughout the night and a number of fans even threw flowers and small Spanish flags on to the stage.

„You have given me everything and I have a lot to thank you for, without you, I would be nothing”, the performer stated, continuing with a medley of his classic hits, „Abrázame” and „Hey!”.

With the contagious rhythm of „Me va, Me va”, Iglesias bade farewell to the audience who never stopped dancing after an hour and a half of continuous ovations and applause.

May 21, 2014

Europa Press

If there is anything that is clear within the world of music, it that success is fleeting, but talent is demonstrable. This is precisely what the famous singer Julio Iglesias has achieved: to demonstrate that performing on stages throughout the world for half a century is possible. Indeed, Julio Iglesias was the recipient of the award for the most successful Latin artist of all time in London. Whilst it is true that achieving such success through music in no less that fourteen different languages is something that is beyond the capabilities of most artists, nothing is impossible for Julio Iglesias. At the age of 70, and after an absence of 10 years, the Spanish singer took to one of the most prestigious stages in the world, the legendary Royal Albert Hall, to once again demonstrate his natural talent in terms of music.

On the evening of 19 May, the singer captivated the audience with some of his most emblematic songs, accompanied by the bagpiper from Galicia Carlos Núñez. However, whilst the most international Spaniard of all time returns to the British capital to delight everyone with two concerts and to receive the award that recognises him as the world’s most successful Latin artist, his humility prevents him from acknowledging himself as such and such modesty is worthy of admiration.
In spite of having sold more that 300 million records and the fact that every 30 seconds one of his songs is broadcast on a radio station in some part of the globe, Julio Iglesias does not believe that he is the best. “I do not feel that I am the most successful Latin artist ever, because I feel that there are many other artists who represent music much better than I do”, he explained.

Moreover, he wanted to clarify that what makes an artist truly great are all his fans and he expressed his gratitude to everyone who has supported him over the course of his career, adding that, in truth, it is to them that the award should be given: “You make me feel alive. The winds of your words are like oxygen to me, don’t let me die”.

Julio Iglesias thrills fans at intimate concert in Dominican Republic

June 8, 2014


Julio Iglesias, the Latino entertainer who has sold the most albums worldwide, performed on the weekend in a more intimate setting in Punta Cana, the resort city in the eastern Dominican Republic.

The 70-year-old singer took the stage at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s Fillmore Ballroom at 9:45 p.m. Saturday, leading off with „Amor, amor, amor” and running through a list of 19 more of his hits.

„Good evening. Thank you very much,” the artist told the public, who at the beginning appeared to be a little timid in their response to him but who quickly warmed up and then didn’t stop applauding him for a moment.

Iglesias, who owns a home in Punta Cana, talked about the „deep” love he feels for the Dominican Republic, a love he said he inherited from his father, Julio Iglesias Puga, to whom he dedicated the song „Un canto a Galicia,” to the applause of the crowd.

„I deeply love this land,” the singer said, adding that the children he has had with Miranda Rijnsburger have grown up in this Caribbean country. In fact, two of those children, twins Victoria and Cristina, were in the audience to see their father perform.

Also on hand for the concert were Iglesias’ friends Frank Rainieri, the president of the Grupo Puntacana, and well-known Dominican fashion designer Oscar de la Renta.

Iglesias, who last year set a Guinness record for being the male Latino artist who has sold the most albums worldwide, wrapped up the concert with „Me va, me va” but he returned to do an encore that included „Corazon partio” by Alejandro Sanz and the well-known „A mi manera” (My Way) made famous by Frank Sinatra.

Two stars shone together

August 6, 2014

By: Eneas G. Ferri, Diario La Verdad

Julio Iglesias packed the Jardines de Abril to capacity in an intimate concert wherein the tennis player Rafael Nadal numbered amongst the audience.

He is always one of the most keenly anticipated artists. Yesterday, Julio Iglesias, the best-selling Latin singer of all time, offered a concert in the Jardines de Abril in San Juan de Alicante. For many of the privileged few who attended this sold-out event, he offered the concert of his life.


The event was attended by another star, in this case, from the sporting world: the tennis player Rafael Nadal travelled to Alicante to go to the concert.
Romantic, versatile, but above all, intimate, Julio Iglesias captivated three generations.

He appeared on stage and the strong applause, which would accompany him throughout the remainder of the performance, began.

He spoke to the audience, stating that he had „fond memories of Alicante, because it was where it all began”, making reference to the Festival of Benidorm, where he shot to fame after winning the contest with his legendary ‘La vida sigue igual’. He could not resist acknowledging Rafa Nadal, telling him that „everyone in Spain is proud of you”.


Following a number of famous hits that drew strong applause from the audience, many of those present, particularly women, did not hesitate to throw gifts on to the stage, which were picked up by the artist, expressing his gratitude in the form of gestures.

Songs such as ‘La gota fría’, ‘Un canto a Galicia’, ‘Échame a mí la culpa’, ‘Me olvidé de vivir’ and ‘La vida sigue igual’ were amongst those that received most applause on the night, although the moment that the audience enjoyed most was probably the medley featuring choruses from some of his most famous songs, including ‘Abrázame’ and ‘Hey!’.

The complete line up of musicians and dancers and, above all, the fantastic work of the team of scenographers ensured that the light and sound accompanied each change of tone within his repertoire, wherein Iglesias was able to pass through the various styles that his extensive discography has offered to audiences in every corner of the world.

One on the stage, showing why he boasts more than forty years in the music business, and another in the seats, enthusiastically applauding along with the other 1200 attendees: two stars shone in Alicante yesterday.

Julio Iglesias brings greatness to the Starlite Festival in Marbella

August 14, 2014

By: Pedro Luis Gómez, Diario Sur

A very intimate concert, with an auditorium packed to capacity: Julio Iglesias came, sang and triumphed in the Starlite Festival, which would not be the same without the presence of the illustrious Spanish singer, seducing everyone, not only with his songs, but also with his demeanour and outlook on life. It was a marvellous night for those lucky enough to obtain tickets, as the performance had been sold out for a month. Julio is the only artist who has taken part in every edition of the festival in Marbella and has provoked the appearance of the ‘sold out’ signs on each occasion. He is a phenomenon, no more, no less, simply that.

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There was a sense of great expectancy: Julio Iglesias was coming, the only artist who had proved capable of exhausting tickets in the Cantera de Nagüeles on each of his appearances. Two hours prior to the performance, lines of traffic and queues of people formed in the area surrounding the Auditorium of Marbella, which rarely looked better. Large numbers of celebrities came to see the greatest, the best Latin artist of all time, the only living singer who has proved capable of selling almost 400 million records, who, at 70 years of age, continues to travel the world and stir passions, because that is precisely what Julio Iglesias does: a true superstar, a living legend, a great man and an exceptional artist.

Julio did not waste the opportunity to reaffirm his status. And he did it as the greats do it: through his songs. Dominating the stage, showing complicity with the audience, a committed and devoted audience who, from start to finish, enjoyed a concert that evidenced a great deal of intimacy and lasted for more than two hours, with songs that have propelled their author to greatness, such as ‘Amor, amor’, ‘La gota fría’, ‘Un canto a Galicia’, ‘Manuela’, ‘Quijote’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Manuela’ and ‘De niña a mujer’, which numbered amongst the 30 hits that he performed before an audience that went wild with delight, displaying ever greater dedication, because Julio Iglesias was on stage, the greatest Latin artist of all time.


He filled Nagüeles and, as always, triumphed, showing that the Starlite Festive would not be the same, by any means, without his magical presence. Happily seated amongst the audience were Miranda and his children, his godson, his brother: his family, his people. It was another memorable night.