Julio Iglesias reconquers the „tapatíos” December 17, 2008 By: A. Camacho, www.informador.com.mx (El Informador)

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Julio Iglesias reconquers the „tapatíos”
December 17, 2008
By: A. Camacho, www.informador.com.mx (El Informador)
GUADALAJARA, JALISCO. – Last night Julio Iglesias reunited with more than 7,000 of his Jalisco fans at the Telmex Auditorium for a retrospective concert of the greatest hits of his forty year career.


The singer, considered the most successful Latin singer in the history of music, arrived onto the stage in Guadalajara, opening with „Quijote”, and received a warm ovation from the multitude of both young and more mature fans.
After saying “Good evening Guadalajara, it’s been so long…,” he continued by singing „Ni te tengo ni te olvido” which delighted the audience.

“Beloved Mexico, my Jalisco of so many years, so much time has gone by and it seems as if it was only yesterday. I am in suspense,” declared Iglesias as a preamble to another of his greatest classics „Nathalie”.


With a big light show, accompanied by a group of six musicians and a trio of backup singers, the singer from Madrid performed „Ae, ao”, „Echame a mi la culpa” and „Me olvidé de vivir”, songs which captivated the audience and drew sighs of delight from his fans.

“Many years ago you bet on me, when I was a lad of 20 and I came to sing before my people of Guadalajara,” he said, continuing with „Un canto a Galicia”, the song he wrote for his father.

Sharing youthful anecdotes with his fans, An entertaining Julio captivated them with renditions of „All of you”, „La carretera”, „Abrazame”, „Hey”, „El amor” and „De niña a mujer”.


“The Mexicans have given me so much support that they’ve made me one of the greatest of all, and I plan to sing until I die” were some of the comments which the composer also made to his audience in this evening of memories, where he revealed that he had “a healthy jealousy” of Vicente and Alejandro Fernandez, as well as “deep affection” for them both.
The emotional voyage continued with „Caruso”, „Me va, me va”, and before singing „Sabor a mi” and „Noche de ronda”, the Spaniard pointed out: ”I’ve been singing the music of Mexico around the entire world for forty years”.


„Can’t help falling in love” was his first attempt to say goodbye, and after various minutes of a standing ovation, the singer returned, getting down on his knees before the thousands of spectators.
„Echame a mí la culpa” and „Me va, me va” ended the one hour and forty minute long concert of more than 27 classic songs, which left a pleasant taste in the mouths of the Guadalajara audience and a “Thank you Mexico, Thank you Guadalajara”.