Julio Iglesias’ album of Duets: “MÉXICO & AMIGOS” April 19, 2017 Sony Music

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Julio Iglesias’ album of Duets: “MÉXICO & AMIGOS”
April 19, 2017
Sony Music

The album of Duets not only pays homage to the great Mexican composers, but also features Julio singing along with a selection of leading artists with international standing.
“MÉXICO & AMIGOS” is the first recording of duets Julio Iglesias has released. The Latin artist who has sold more records than any other remains at the forefront of artistic production.
“This record is dedicated to the great composers who, now for a number of generations, have filled our lives with love, nostalgia, memories and moments that, despite the passing of the years, remain alive in our hearts. I present it with respect and the deepest admiration.
I would also like to thank all the artists who have collaborated with me in this record for the great warmth they have shown and their extraordinary talent. I will always be endeared and thankful to them”
Julio Iglesias
On Friday 05 May 2017, Sony Music will kick off the global launch of “MÉXICO & AMIGOS” – the first album of duets recorded by Julio Iglesias.
Via this album, a year and a half after his album “Mexico”, released on 25 September 2015, Julio Iglesias once again renews his bonds with Mexico, with inimitable passion. The recording pays homage to Mexico’s great composers. The album will include twelve songs with an unmistakable Mexican flavor, with timeless performances featuring Julio and a 21st-century sound, on this occasion accompanied by leading Latin artists with international standing, who refresh each of the songs and add a very special touch.
Julio Iglesias sings the classic „Júrame” accompanied by the magnificent Juan Luis Guerra. This standard was written by the Mexican composer „María Grever”, and is a staple within Julio Iglesias’ repertoire.
The Mexican folk song „Juan Charrasqueado” by Víctor Cordero, is performed with the incomparable Andrés Calamaro, in a courageous and very personal rendition. (Statement made by Julio in relation to Andrés)
Once again, Julio is joined by his good friend Plácido Domingowith whom he has sung in the past, on this occasion performing „Fallaste corazón” by Cucó Sánchez.
Constantly collaborating with artists from other generations, but with incredible careers, Julio Iglesias joins the successful Mexican duo „Sin Bandera” to perform „Ella”, by the maestro José Alfredo Jiménez.
In a similar vein, he collaborates for the first time within one of the most popular singer/songwriters within the current music scene: Pablo Alborán, with whom he performs the timeless „Amanecí en tus brazos”, once again by José Alfredo Jiménez.
Julio Iglesias finally sings with the maestro Joaquín Sabina, performing Sabina’s song „Y nos dieron las diez”. This song now forms a part of the Mariachi repertoire.
The great lady of Cuba, Omara Portuondo, performs „Échame a mi la culpa” with Julio, a song by Ferrusquilla that Julio incorporated into his repertoire many years ago.
With the charismatic Mario Domm (Camila), Julio once again is joined by a contemporary Mexican artist, performing the classic „Se me olvidó otra vez” by Juan Gabriel.
With the star Thalía, with whom he has sung on a number occasions in the past, he performs the mambo „Quién será” (Sway), a song by Luis Demetrio and Pablo Beltrán.
„Usted”, by Gabriel Ruiz Galindo and José Antonio Zorrilla, had to find a place on this record, and Julio performs it here with the magnificent Diego Torres.
„La media vuelta”, José Alfredo Jiménez’s classic, is sung by Eros Ramazzotti and Julio, in a masterful performance by the Italian and Spanish artists.
This magnificent album draws to a close with Julio Iglesias, singing alone this time, performing the timeless „Mexico Lindo” by Chucho Monge.
Having recorded his first album paying tribute to Mexico in 1975, the most successful Latin artist ever once again pays homage to a country that afforded support that proved fundamental in Julio’s rise to fame.
Julio Iglesias performed in Mexico for the first time at the start of the 70s and quickly won the hearts of the most populous Spanish-speaking country. Julio also fell in love with the country and has shown great interest in Mexican culture, history, music and customs.
Whilst putting the finishing touches to “MÉXICO”, he commented that “Mexico is a country with which I am deeply in love. The Mexicans have made lasting impressions on my life. I know this country as if it were my own, and it is always in my heart. Mexican music is universal and its composers are legendary.”
With this album, the discography of Julio Iglesias takes in more than 82 records since 1968, a very valuable body of work. A total of 49 years of hits and records covering the 5 continents and taking in 12 different languages have consolidated Julio’s position as the most successful Latin artist ever, placing him amongst the five most successful music artists of all time in terms of record sales.
1.- “Usted”
duet with Diego Torres
2.- “Júrame”
duet with Juan Luis Guerra
3.- “Ella”
duet with Sin Bandera
4.- “Fallaste corazón”
duet with Plácido Domingo
5.- “Quién será”
duet with Thalía
6.-  “Amanecí en tus brazos”
duet with Pablo Alborán
7.- “Échame a mí la culpa”
duet with Omara Portuondo
8.-  “Juan Charrasqueado”
duet with Andrés Calamaro
9.- “Y nos dieron las diez”
duet with Joaquín Sabina
10.- “La media vuelta”
duet with Eros Ramazzotti
11.- “Se me olvidó otra vez”
duet with Mario Domm
12.- „México Lindo”