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Julio Iglesias, the most successful Latin artist of all time May 21, 2014 Europa Press
If there is anything that is clear within the world of
music, it that success is fleeting, but talent is
demonstrable. This is precisely what the famous
singer Julio Iglesias has achieved: to demonstrate
that performing on stages throughout the world for
half a century is possible.
Indeed,Julio Iglesias was the recipient of the award for the most successful Latin artist of all time in London. Whilst it is true that achieving such success through music in no less that fourteen different languages is something that is beyond the capabilities of most artists, nothing is impossible for Julio Iglesias. At the age of 70, and after an absence of 10 years, the Spanish singer took to one of the most prestigious stages in the world, the legendary Royal Albert Hall, to once again demonstrate his natural talent in terms of music.
FILE – In this May 12, 2014 file photo, Latin pop icon Julio Iglesias poses for photographers at a news conference where he was named the ‘Most Successful Latin Artist of All Time’, at a central London venue. Iglesias and three other prominent music industry figures will receive honorary degrees from Boston’s Berklee College of Music at its commencement next month.
On the evening of 19 May, the singer captivated the
audience with some of his most emblematic songs,
accompanied by the bagpiper from Galicia Carlos Núñez.  However, whilst the most international Spaniard of all time returns to the British capital to delight everyone with two concerts and to receive the award that recognises him as the world’s most successful Latin artist, his humility prevents him from acknowledging himself as such and such modesty is worthy of admiration.
In spite of having sold more that 300 million records and the fact that every 30 seconds one of his songs is broadcast on a radio station in some part of the globe, Julio Iglesias does not believe that he is the best. “I do not feel that I am the most successful Latin artist ever, because I feel that there are many other artists who represent music much better than I do”, he explained.
Moreover, he wanted to clarify that what makes an
artist truly great are all his fans and he expressed his gratitude to everyone who has supported him over the course of his career, adding that, in truth, it is to them that the award should be given: “You make me feel alive. The winds of your words are like oxygen to me, don’t let me die”.