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Julio Iglesias still has star power

March 23, 2013

By: Leslie Wilson Jr., Gulf News

Latino legend charms the pants off fans a sell-out Dubai concert


Twenty four hours after his much-anticipated one-night-only concert at the Dubai World Trade Centre was called-off at the eleventh hour due to a technical glitch, legendary Latino singer Julio Iglesias stormed back on Friday night to charm the pants off a sell-out crowd with stellar renditions of some of the most beautiful love songs every written.

The Spanish heart-throb, who turns 70 this year, was in fine voice as he relied on his trademark light, lyric tenor and generous use of vibrato to deliver classics like ‘Crazy’, ‘Nathalie’, ‘Je n’ai pas change’, ‘Let It Be Me’, ‘When You Tell Me That Your Love Me’ and ‘To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before’.

With over 300 million albums sold Iglesias has a vast repertoire of music, which would take a lifetime to fully explore. So it was interesting to note that he depended, for the greater part, on his Spanish and French catalogue of hits to entertain his Middle Eastern fans at the two-hour concert.

“Tonight was going to be a very special night, because there are so many different nationalities at this concert,” he told his enthusiastic audience. “Hello to the people from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Italy, France, Britain, Lebanon and Dubai.
“You are so lucky to be living here in this beautiful city among so many different nationalities. I once passed through Dubai many, many years ago, and somebody told me that one day something special was going to happen to Dubai. And it has, this is one of the most beautiful cities that I have seen.”

Iglesias made admirable use of his charm to keep the audience entertained all night with his infectious humor, illuminating anecdotes and sheer brilliance on the microphone.

Despite his age Iglesias showed that he can still embrace a melody with a rare tenderness to have the women in his audience swooning in exaltation.

Cries of ‘we love you Julio’ frequently rent the air as male members on the audience made unsuccessful attempts to restrain their partners who seemed only to have eyes for the incredibly handsome man in the spotlight, who for the most part, stood almost motionless, holding the microphone his left hand and using his right hand to express a thought or emotion.

Particular highlights on the night included Iglesias’ version of George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord, from his 1970 multi-platinum selling triple album All Things Must Pass, an upbeat adaptation of the George Michael debut solo single Careless Whisper and his own monster hit Je n’ai pas change (I Haven’t Changed).


It was a mixed effort and Iglesias, who has an extraordinary ability to phrase a song, was on fairly sold ground. As a vocal stylist Iglesias showed that he is still capable of handling almost any kind of material, even if he does handle them pretty much the same way – exhibiting flawless technique and complete emotional involvement.

It was 43 years ago that he had his first single with the Eurovision song Gwendolyne, but Iglesias’ proved that his gifts have not diminished one bit.
March 26, 2013?


Beijing, China, April 1, 2013

image image

Julio Iglesias, a living legend and one of the top ten best-selling artists worldwide of all time, returns to China after almost 20 years away to receive two historic awards.

To honor his extraordinary career in music, marked by success in every country and with global Nº1 hits in a record number of languages, Julio Iglesias will receive not only the First & Most Popular International Artist in China Award from Sony Music but the Guinness World Record for the Best-selling Latin Artist in the World.

There is no one more fitting than Lang Lang to present the first of these two prizes to Julio Iglesias. Lang Lang, internationally acclaimed, and one of the most influent young artists in the world, has been praised internationally for his record of sold-out concerts, prestigious awards and innumerable achievements. This event will witness the first meeting of these two champions from two generations, who have had an incredible impact on music not only in China but throughout the world.

The award ceremony kicks off Julio Iglesias’s 3-show tour in China and further promotes the release of his already worldwide multiplatinum CD, Julio Iglesias 1. On the album, the singer-songwriter returns to performing many of the tracks that made him one of the most outstanding artists of our time and proves once again why he is listed among the names of eternal stars like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson as one of the best-selling artists worldwide of all time.

This will be Julio Iglesias’s first return to Beijing since he came to receive one of the greatest honors ever bestowed on a foreign artist. In 1995, Julio Iglesias became the only foreign artist officially to have sold the most records in China and then became the first and only artist to ever receive an award from China’s Ministry of Culture to celebrate this achievement.

One of the secrets to Julio Iglesias’ unique global success over the generations is his ability to sing in more than 12 languages and connect with so many different cultures around the world. He was awarded the CBS Diamond Disc Award in 1983 for selling more records in more languages than anyone else. Even today, no one else can boast a discography of 80 albums in so many languages.

Julio Iglesias will perform on this month

image image
image image image

1) April 14th Shanghai Grand Stage,
2) April 18th Shenzhen Concert Hall
3) April 21st Beijing Exhibition Centre Theater

Julio Iglesias Award Ceremony and 2013 Chinese Tour

Award for the First & Most Popular International Artist of All Time in China

Guinness World Record for the Global Best-Selling Latin Artist in the World

Speech and Press Conference

Hotel REGENT, Beijing

Monday, April 1st 1.30 pm


Julio Iglesias receives two historic awards in China


April 1, 2013

Julio Iglesias received two historic awards in Beijing, on April 1st 2013:

– First & Most Popular International Artist of All Time in China, an award given by Sony Music China and which was presented to Julio by the World renowned Chinese artist Lang Lang.

– The Guinness World Records for the Best-selling Male Latin Artist.


“This is one of the most exciting moments in my career.”, Julio’s voice thrilled after receiving the awards. “I came to China for the first time in 1971. I imagined China as a great country, full of passion. And I was right. For me, dancing on the Great Wall, 20 years ago, was a moment of magic in my life. This award comes from a country that’s been in my heart for decades. Thank you so much, China!”

Beijing surrenders to the voice and charisma of Julio Iglesias

April 21, 2013

By: Xavier Fontdeglòria, EFE
Beijing, April 21 (EFE).- It’s been twenty years since his first performance in the Asian giant, but the Chinese people have not forgotten. The voice of Julio Iglesias, „Huliao” in Mandarin, was heard again today in Beijing at a concert where the audience surrendered to the rhythm and charisma of the unstoppable singer.


The voice and popular lyrics of the singer resonated through the Beijing Exhibition Center theatre in front of 2,000 people, an audience given to “singing” along with the artist some of his hits as well as versions of other known singers.

„He’s a very good singer. It’s the first time I’ve listened to him and he reminds me of Spain, a country of passion and great music and dancing”, stated Zhou Li Na, one of the concertgoers.

And the language was no barrier for Julio when connecting with his audience, which he constantly interacted with during the nearly two hours of the act.


„Thank you China! Thank you Beijing!”, said the singer on numerous occasions, conquering the public since the start of the concert, when he dedicated a few words to those affected by the recent earthquake in Sichuan province.

“Today is a difficult day for the Chinese people. The earthquake has changed the lives of thousands. My heart, my feelings, my emotions, my praises and my passion go out to those people who are suffering,” prayed the singer.

Julio Iglesias’ performance in Beijing is a double triumph for the singer: a return to a “much beloved” land- where he lived with his first wife in the seventies, and the “successful” close of his Chinese tour.

Both at today’s concert and at his second one in the southern city of Shenzhen, the singer charmed the Chinese with songs such as “Amor,amor, amor” or “Me va, me va” in Spanish, but also sang in English, French and Italian.

Today, unlike his performance of a decade ago, Julio did not dare try Mandarin, although he expressed his “fondness” for the Asian giant.

In fact, Julio was the first Latin musician to appear on stage of the country’s state broadcaster, CCTV, at the Chinese New Year Gala – the equivalent of the Western New Year, and so many people still remember him.

„Do you know why I was the first to come to this country? Do you know why I sang in Mandarin?”, the singer asked the audience today.

„Because I love you!”, he responded to the delight of the audience, adding that “I’ve always said, here and elsewhere, that China would dominate the world”.
„I’ve always liked him, it seems that time has no affect on him”, explained Du Liqiang at the end of the concert, another of his Chinese fans who had “saved up” in order to get a ticket and see one of his favorite musicians.

Retirement from the stage is not in the near future for the 69-year old singer, he assured on his arrival in the capital earlier this month, where he set off on his tour of the country.

Today in front of his audience, he reiterated: “being on stage is what matters to me most in my life.”
After his three stops in China, Julio Iglesias leaves for Singapore and Taiwan, then returning to his homeland, Spain, on a tour that has taken him around the world, from Russia to Asia.

It’s a tour designed to promote his latest album, „Julio Iglesias, 1”, which is already multiplatinum and for which the composer re-recorded many of the songs that launched him to stardom.

With over 300 million albums on the market, this April the singer received the Guinness Prize for the Latin musician most sold worldwide, an award he received in the city where he sang today and where he was also named the most successful latin singer in China.

„We love you, Julio!” was heard today in the breaks between songs, and the “master” answered the shouts back always in English, with an “I love you too.”

Only at the end, when „me va, me va” could be heard again, Julio cheered them on and waved with a „zaijian” –goodbye in Mandarin, while much of the audience had already got out of their chairs and were dancing to the catchy latin melody from one of his biggest hits.

Julio Iglesias in First Five to Enter Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame

April 25, 2013
Julio Iglesias is one of the first five artists who entered the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, located in Miami.


The 2013 Latin Songwriters Hall Of Fame inductees have been selected from international nominees in both Performing and Non-Performing Songwriter categories.

Yesterday, April 23rd, the first awards gala took place in Miami. The inductees received “La Musa” award.